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Batterers Intervention Program


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Program Goals:
To ensure safety for the partners of group participants in the program.
To work to end domestic violence by creating a culture of deterrence.
To ensure the program is collaborating with domestic violence shelters, and human service providers.
To teach offenders alternatives to coercive, controlling and violent behavior in their intimate relationships.
B.A.T. is a 26 week batterers intervention program.
The process of entering this program consists of:
The batterer must call 931-244-6688 or 931-244-5191 to request an interview.  The batterer is then given an interview date, an orientation date, and if he is accepted they are then given a date to start class.  There is a fee of $25 dollars per class, the fee is based upon your income and there is a sliding fee scale.  If you are unable to pay for the class you can do 8 hours of community service for each $25 dollars you owe.
Why do men attend Batterers Intervention Programs?
     A man may voluntarily enroll at B.A.T.  The voluntary enrollment may happen after his partner has left or threatened to leave or has obtained an order of protection, or restraining order against him.  He may have even realized he has been acting violently and wants to change but does not know how.  In other cases he may be required to attend B.A.T. by court, social services, probation officer, or as part of some other treatment program.
Can he really change?
     Yes, but progress depends on his recognizing he has a problem and being prepared to work hard on it for a long time without expecting rewards or support from you for his efforts.  Change does not occur overnight, if it occurs at all, and many men drop out along the way.  Long term improvement in behavior is more likely for a man who completes the 26 week sessions.  B.A.T. challenges men who batter to face and change their behavior.  The men courageous enough to change the way they view women and treat them will find that abuse and control not only hurt the ones they love but themselves as well.
Limited confidentiality.
As a condition to participation in the Certified Program and to potect the safety of the batterer's victim and others, batterers shall be required to agree in the contract with the Certified Program that the batterer's expectation of confidentiality in certain information collected by, or that becomes known to the Certified Program, including information that may be subject to public records statues, will be limited.
What is the partner's role?
    B.A.T. will contact you as part of addressing how we can help you and your children get safe, and best work with our client.  We will contact you as soon as your partner enrolls in our program and identifies you as a person he has abused.  We will contact you when your partner leaves the program either because he has completed the program or has been discharged.  We do not tell your partner anything you say.  In addition to our calls to you we urge you to call us at anytime for an update on your partners participation, or if he has continued the abuse.
What is his role?
    Your partner is told that he is not to discuss this contact with you in anyway except to tell you we will be calling.  he is not to try and influence what you tell us or ask you questions afterward.  He is not to be present while we talk to you.  He is free to discuss his own B.A.T. meetings if you wish, but keep in mind that abusers are not always honest.
     While he attends B.A.T. It is not your role to give him emotional or financial support.  In fact while in the BIP program he must take care of himself as part of taking responsibility for the abuse.  You have the right to limit or eliminate contact with him for any length of time you choose to do so; B.A.T. will respect any decisions you make about your relationship.
     Please let us know at any time if there are any other ways we can be helpful to you that we have not mentioned here, again the number of conact is 931-244-6688.
BIP Classes are held each Monday and Tuesday from 4:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Location of class is 201 West Gaines Lawrenceburg Tn. 38464 

Funded by Baptist Healing Trust