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Lady Cares is wonderful survivors and overcomers site with many useful tips and poems by very caring people.

Volunteering for The Shelter

There are many ways that one may volunteer for The Shelter. Volunteers are our life blood. We greatly appreciate the job that each of them do. Volunteers must fill out a volunteer application and mail it to P.O. Box 769. or you may pick up fill out and return to FERN 201 West Gaines in.Lawrenceburg or 3C's Boutique at 317 Geri St. Lawrenceburg. After references are checked and criminal background check is completed you will be notified of the next training class.
Volunteers are greatly needed to operate the crisis line and to work in the boutique. Volunteers that work in the Boutique do not need to attend the 8 hr. training. They can be helpful collecting and sorting donations, steaming the clothes and putting them on the racks.
One great way to volunteer is to provide links to useful websites that victims might enter like the ones above. These web sites might have the answer, or provide a victim the courage or information she needs to leave her abusive partner. Every little bit helps no one knows just what might be the light bulb that comes on!
Volunteers main contribution is to operate our 24 hour crisis line. You may take a shift on the crisis line anytime of day or night. Shifts can range from 1 hour to 48. You can do this from your own home. The Shelter is always in need of people that have some extra time on their hands. There is always a great need for crisis operators on the weekends and holidays. Volunteers are required to attend an 8 hour course. The crisis line wil be transferred to your home or cell phone. You don't have to leave the safety and comfort of your home. You don't even have to get dresssed. All you need is a phone that has caller ID and call waiting.
Volunteers are needed and can be utilized in many areas.
Perhaps you would like to teach a class such as cooking, crafts, or sewing. You might even be in a position to come in and do a beauty makeover. You may be very good at any number of skills that you might like to share with our victims.
You might like to serve on one of our committees: The fundraiser committee is always in need of fresh ideas and warm bodies to work at our fundraising events. You might collect donations from your neighborhood, community club, or work place. You may have other ideas we haven' thought of yet.
Maybe you prefer working with children (Any one working with children must pass a criminal background check and sexual assault background check)  and might enjoy reading to them. The Shelter tries to make life at The Shelter warm and inviting. We try to make life as normal as possible. We celebrate all the holidays and you might like to plan or help with a party for the kids.
You must be 18 years of age. Volunteers are required to attend an 8 hour training course. Training can be done all in one day or in two hour increments  All volunteers have to agree to a criminal background check. Crisis Line volunteers must have call waiting.
Volunteers are asked to donate 2 hours a week. We will gladly accept more if you have the time to spare.
Volunteers are especially needed during the holidays and on the weekends.
Some of The Shelter's volunteers have been with us for more that 10 years. Some of these dedicated people donate as many as 90 hours a month. We greatly respect and honor these dilligent caring individuals. Without the volunteers many women and children would not be able to access our services.

As a volunteer for The Shelter Inc. you are an intregal part of community efforts to alleviate a serious problem. by being there to assist victims of domestic violence, you are communicating the most important message-that they are not alone. In this regard, you are contributing to eliminating family violence in future generations.