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Amanda Guardian of Compassion

Friendly & Caring Staff to Help With All Your Needs

  • Jenny (Director)
  • Miranda (Program Manager/Volunteer Coordiantor)
  • Dwight Davis
  • (BIP Facilitator)
  • Megan Brewer (Child Advocate)
  • Susan Skolnik (Victim Advocate)
  • Bev (House Mother)
    • What Is An Advocate? By definition, to advocate literally means "to act as the voice of." Like all attempts to express a complex reality in a word, the term advocate is not perfect. However, the practice of battered women's and anti-rape advocates has added new layers of meaning to the term. Advocates speak up for women. children, and oppressed people when others won't. Advocates negotiate and strive for systems change. Advocates empower women and children to find and use their own voices. Advocates do not necessarily have professional degrees. "Our credentials should be based on the level of comprehension we have about the work, compassion for...women and their children that we possess, our ability to guide women through systems, and a personal commitment to social change," (Agents for Change 1997).

      Legal Advocates

      • Penny (Lawrence & Giles County)
      • Cheri (Wayne& Lewis County) 

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